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SVE accueilli – Dragan Milanov à mi-parcours

Story of Dragan, in Coutances since october 2016

Challenge, adventure, and life experience.

On every travel we go, there are two basic things. They are the values we carry with us and the values that we meet at the destination point.

After few conversations with the international coordinator of Aquascole, Agi Musset, I must say that I was very excited for coming to do my SVE in Coutances. With her help and the help of the sending organization in Macedonia it was very easy for me to organize and come in France. The flight from Skopje to Paris is just three hours, and after the train, I was in Coutances, my home for the upcoming year. The first impression that I have about the people here is they are very polite and regardless of age everybody are showing respect. Unfortunately for me I knew only “bonjour” and “merci” so it was a bit difficult to have conversation with the locals. Also I realized that everybody here has their lunch at noon. In Macedonia we have the lunch when we go home after work which is after 16 o’clock. I still can’t get used to this habit, but I would gladly have nice Normand cheese. I love it so much, it’s totally different from the one we have in Macedonia.

Every day I go to work with a bicycle from the Guérie to the Aquascole, 5 kilometers drive and I need 20 – 25 minutes. I don’t like the amount of cars that this little town has. I think that the only one who drives the bicycle is just me and the mail worker. I believe that everybody should go to work with bicycles. This is better for the environment, for their-own health, and they will save a lot of money that they spend on fuel.  When I arrive at the Aquascole with one of the animators we go to a school and make animation in the nature. If not, I am at the Aquascole preparing animation or tool-box with my colleagues about nature and promotion of international youth mobility. Making animations for children about nature is totally new for me and now I’m so happy that I did it. I find animating something that I love to do, and I hope that I’ll do many more. By working on animations I learned so many things, using many software and hardware tools, starting from the printer at our office, the electric drills and video making. Now I can make videos for myself in my free time and show it to my friends in Macedonia and make a tree house in the garden and wait for the migration birds to come back and enjoy their beauty. The animations are outside in the nature near Coutances including the river, bay, sea and the bocage. This is so exciting for me because the land in Macedonia is so different and every step I make is a new discovery for me. But this is only because one thing, my passion about nature. If one enjoys what one is doing at the job, every day is exiting experience and one feels happy. I’m also happy that my patience paid off and I found the best project for me at the Aquascole. Everybody at the Aquascole like the nature and try to protect it in many different ways. For me this is important because we can speak about things that are common for us. From them I learned so many things about the nature in Normandy. I like the fact that the seaside is protected and it’s not allowed to drive everywhere and it is so clean!

Recently I had the chance to present the SVE program in the high school. Not so long ago I was a student myself and went through the period when young person needs to decide about the future after the school. I believe that this kind of presentations are very helpful for the young people to make their best choice what to do after the school. I also like when I go with my coordinator Agi in different towns of Normandy to speak about EVS and I don’t see the time ticking so I just see that oh it’s already the end of the day and I have to finish my work for today. I hope my adventure continues so I can write another story. Until then I wish you all well.